2017 Beneficiary

We are very pleased to announce that Cranberry residents Paul Bliss and Family have graciously accepted to be the Cranberry CUP's 2017 Inspirational Family.

In 2014, Paul Bliss was diagnosed with cancer which led to him losing his right eye. He also underwent a risky surgery to remove cancer from the brain lining of his forehead. After 6 weeks of radiation, it seemed the cancer was gone. But in 2016, Paul learned he now has cancer in his liver and has been getting treated with chemotherapy. Unemployed since 2016, Paul has spent his time looking for work and enjoying time with his family. He lives in Cranberry Township with his wife, Jennifer, and four children, Caitlin (17), Shawn (16), Natalie (12), and Carter (10).

The Cranberry CUP is looking to bring together the community to rally around this family. Let’s lift up their spirits and help them with their financial hardships during their time of need.

Special Thanks to all our sponsors